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Few Words About Myself Hey, I'm Kenji

My name is Kenji Stephen, I was born in 1999 in a not so big city called Bogor. Since I was little I am always interested in drawing. Growing up I spend most of my time drawing on papers at my parent's shop. Other than that, I started to love taking photos after I got my first camera when I was in high school. Fast forward to end of high school, I choose graphic design as the next step that I'd take. Nothing much happened before college, I was just a shy quiet but adventurous kid. (Plus I was just too focus with school)

Right at the gap year (I was 17 turning 18), I started to travel by myself. The first place I traveled to is Bali. I spent 4 days in a hostel. At the age of 19 I went to Thailand for 6 weeks to volunteer teaching english in Saraburi. So after that I started to fall in love with traveling alone. I drove 900km in one day in Vietnam and exploring SEA when I was 20/21 (I took a lot of photos too). and many more memorable trips and experience meeting people, making new friends. Unfortunately the pandemic hit in 2020 limiting my travel.

I spent the remaining of my college year doing online class. For my final project, I did rebrand a zoological museum in my hometown. I manage to finish my bachelor degree in Visual graphic design in 2021.

Kenji Stephen
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